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We Tried It: Cooking Classes at The Pan Tree

The Pan Tree offers cooking classes in an intimate environment, in the center of the gorgeous storefront. Walking into the space, we donned our Aprons and had a look at the handout, while Chef Toll introduced himself and got the class started.

Meat Pie Cooking Class Chef Toll

An admitted novice in the kitchen, I learned to cut onions properly (read: so much easier than the way I’ve been cutting them my entire life) and chop vegetables for the meat pie, while my partner tackled chopping up the lamb.

Chef Toll was personable and entertaining throughout the three hour class. We went in expecting three hours to be quite long, but found the time passed quickly – with plenty of time for questions from the guests to be answered.

Together, we got started on the lamb and Guinness pie filling, while other couples in the class created chicken, and beef pie filling. The recipe were simple, and so good – and the chicken stew filling recipe was one of those that I could just picture being served with biscuits to sop up all of that delicious gravy. In fact, we’ve added it to our list of things to make next week.


We left the class with countless questions answered, techniques explained and confident that we would be able to recreate the recipe at home. I’m going to call that a cooking class success. Plus, we got to bring home some meat pies, making for an easy next day lunch or dinner where we could show off our new found cooking skills. Meat Pie Cooking Class at The Pan Tree

Upcoming Cooking Classes at The Pan Tree

Upcoming classes include: A Whole Lotta Garlic, Pasta Making, Thai Inspirations, Macarons, Stocks and Soups, Sausage making, Curing and Smoking, BBQ creations and Veggie Side Dishes. You can sign up for these classes at

I would like to take a knife skills class in the future, to get a bit familiar with knives in the kitchen, increase my skill level and just get over the initial intimidation of learning to chop and cut properly. At $80-90 a class, it’s a date night splurge, but it’s one that you’re going to come out of with something tangible, and learned.

Whether you’re trying to increase your skills in the kitchen, or want to soak up some expertise from local chefs, the classes at The Pan Tree are a great way to get out, and heat things up.

As a bonus, participants can shop during the class for a 10% discount in store. I quickly went for the long wooden spoons we were using in the class, perfect for those pots of soups and stew on cold days and couldn’t resist the jar of chocolate peanut butter, I found on the way out.