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YEGDateNight’s 10 Dates You’ve got to Go on in May

Angry @#$%ing Yoga | Full (June Dates Available)
Join Jen at a yoga class that’s going to make you laugh, bring out the attitude. Stressed AF? Come let it all out with us and finish up the class with a shot of tequila.

Patron Masterclass | May 25th
Dedicated to crafting the highest quality spirits in the world, spend the evening learning about tequila with Patrón. On May 25, join brand ambassador Codey Andersen for our Patrón Master Class, where you’ll learn about tequila as you sip and savour this fine spirits, no lime or salt needed.

LEGO Building + Beers | May 23rd
On May 23rd, come down to CRAFT Beer Market and get in on a date night that’s going to have you working together to create a summer beach house (you get to bring it home) and snag a couple of drinks – all included in your ticket price. It’s so much fun to build together, grab a drink and maybe something to eat. Plus, there is the chance to win some really fun, date-night inspired prizes while you’re there.

Vibe at the Art Gallery of Alberta | May 18th
On the Third Friday of the month, there’s something fun that happens at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The VIBE event is one that combines live music, drinks and art. It will have you creating something fun, included in your ticket price, and give you the chance to sample new flavours. It’s our favourite friday-night hang.

Learn to Make Pasta by Hand | May 31st
Why buy in the package when you can make a delicious home-made gnocchi in a few simple steps. We will use Nona’s own recipe to make our own flavorful take on this delicious potato dumpling. While the water boils we will make a simple chicken cacciatore and while that cooks, we’ll taste some different wines from Italy! This is a participatory style class with full tasting. Please bring an apron and take home container.

Comal Taco Therapy | May 17th
Don’t miss this ONE NIGHT event featuring tacos based on fresh corn tortillas from 100% nixtamal. Join us for eats and a few drinks, custom-beats and a little bit of mezcal to keep the session going!

Get Scoop n Roll | All month long
Rolled ice cream is all the rage, and there’s something you’re going to want to try if you haven’t before. And if you have, you’re going to want to go back to try it again. Don’t worry, the line up is worth the wait and it’s almost as cool watching the ice cream being created before your eyes, as it is to eat it.

Fireside Ghost Experience | May 25th
Get ready for summer with a travelling fireside! Come immerse yourself in true ghost stories around our travelling campfire, all while enjoying the luxuries of a limousine and the adventure of visiting some of Edmonton’s most frightening haunts!

Concert at the Conservatory | The 4th in our Concert series, this show will coincide with our Annual Plant sale! So not only will it be a great chance to listen to a local musician amongst the Pyramids, but for those of you interested you’ll also be able to pick up some bedding plants for home! The Muttart Conservatory will be proud to host Goldtop! You can learn more about this avant folk-rock songwriting duo by checking this link out, see you there!

There’s something for everyone this month – how are you going to go on better dates this month?